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Firearm laws are covered in everything from self defense law, tax law, drug law, and more. This complex nature leads to a lot of confusion among many people. As a firearm owner, you open yourself up to great legal risk if you do not know, and therefor do not comply with the law. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an effective defense in court. Here at AZ Gun Law, we believe that every gun owner should know both their rights and their responsibilities. Below you will find articles that explore the details on specific parts of both state and federal law. We are always expanding our library of articles so be sure to visit us again in the future to learn even more.

Places to Shoot in Arizona

What is a Gun Trust?

The 4473 Background Check

Tax Stamps and ATF Forms Explained

What is the National Firearms Act?

Marijuana & Guns in Arizona

Guns & Estate Planning

NFA Myths

Domestic Violence & Guns

AFT 41F Rule Explained

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