Gun Trust Amendments

Life happens, and your situation may change over time requiring you to make changes to your AZ Gun Law Gun Trust. We make the process of restating, amending, or upgrading your trust easy, fast, and affordable. Before continuing, please select Individual Trusts or Married Trusts below.

Lifetime Beneficiaries Amendment

  • For existing AZ Gun Law Gun Trusts only.
  • The ATF has arbitrarily redefined "Lifetime Beneficiaries" which now requires them to submit fingerprints and photos with new Form 1s and Form 4s.
  • We vehemently disagree with this new interpretation since it does not meet the legal definition in our opinion. Therefor we are offering a low cost option for our clients to work around this.
  • Contact us to get your Lifetime Beneficiaries Amendment.

Existing Trust Changes

$ 100 Starting at
  • For our Speeding Bullet and Rapid Fire Gun Trusts.
  • Change, add, or remove trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Making these changes by restating your trust leaves your current NFA items unaffected.
  • Update your trust with all the current legalese updates.
  • Contact us today to make the changes you need.

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